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Politicians, pay attention now

Hey you!

Double take on wildlife column

Re: Time to restore wildlife balance (Comment, Feb. 4)

Rumour mill is working overtime

Are locals more interested in lingerie or linguistics? Books or bras?

Leave Central Saanich alone

I wonder why North Saanich Councillor Cairine Green is taking up the Vantreight matter when councillors elected by taxpayers in Central Saanich have already studied, discussed and decided on this matter.

It takes courage to change

Re: All that sparkle comes at a cost (PNR Jan. 26). People have talked for years how we wished Sidney was a vibrant and viable town with amenities that suited young and old. When I read about Mayor Larry Cross’ vision, I was pleased that finally a mayor wants to try and make our town bright, lively and bustling with business. Friends laughingly say Sidney is basically the same since they were kids.

Ethics sparse in oil industry

Ripping a page — or the cover — from fellow Conservative and former tobacco industry lobbyist Ezra Levant’s book, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his new environment minister, Peter Kent, have taken to referring to the product of the Alberta tar sands as “ethical oil”.

Time to restore wildlife balance

It appears we have a problem with urban deer, urban rabbits and urban geese.


Eliminating contact with animals harmful

Tougher cruelty laws needed

Greater Victorians are reeling this week from two cases of horrific cruelty against animals.

Pedestrian safety needs simplification

Re: Teen struck in crossing (PNR Jan. 26).
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