Pearson vs. Co-op feels like David vs. Goliath

Randy Pearson took down Goliath-like Co-op with court challenge: resident

Re: Co-op must release members’ information, judge rules (News, Feb. 1)

Hats off to Randy Pearson; David may not have slain Goliath, but he did give him a bruise or two. Now the four storey Co-op palace on West Saanich Road may not rise to compete with the current surfeit of grocery stores on the Peninsula.

Many of us have been shocked by the growing power of the two senior Co-op employees.

Pearson was likely speaking for many Co-op members when he said, “when I saw how it [the meeting] was run and I saw the general manager get up on the podium and say vote for the incumbents … it was so wrong and so bush league.”

Perhaps it is time we decided to clean house.

Bill Doherty