Keep Co-op members’ info private, or risk losing them

Some Peninsula Co-op members might leave the organization if their contact information is given out to other members

Re: Co-op must release members’ information, judge rules (News, Feb. 1)

Regarding the recent article covering the release of membership information, if that means that individuals outside of Co-op management can obtain my details, I am 100 per cent opposed to such an idea.

Personal information needs to be secured by responsible individuals. I cannot believe that would apply to all of the 56,000 members of our co-operative. I have always found myself to be more than adequately advised by members of Co-op’s management and can only commend them on a job well done.

Issues such as this remind me of the old saying “if you don’t like, it you can quit.” In this case if you are not happy with Co-op’s operation, drop your membership. Release my information just once and I will no longer be a member – who knows how such information could be used.

William R. Webster

North Saanich