FlexHeat Portable Heater Reviews – Does Flex Heat Heater Really Work or Scam?

In the days when people lived in big houses, gas prices were lower, and used antiquated heating systems in their homes are gone. Now, most people are using much better and lower-cost solutions. A full-size standard heating system runs constantly to keep all of the rooms in the home at the set temperature during the winter, but what if you don’t need to heat all of the unoccupied rooms?

With the new portable heater, FlexHeat, you can have added warmth on the coldest winter days without wasting as much money or heat. The FlexHeat portable heater can be a money-saving solution without a massive energy bill.

Read this review to learn more about how the FlexHeat works and how it could save on your monthly utility bills.

What Is FlexHeat?

FlexHeat is a perfect option for those interested in using a portable heater for its heating efficiency. Despite the small size, the FlexHeat creators designed it with the help of HVAC engineers from the aerospace and electric vehicle industry. The portable heater will significantly increase the temperature of a room by 300% without heating the entire home.

Using a FlexHeater is also perfect for folks living in houses, and apartments or working in drafty cold offices. It is more efficient for adding additional heat and can be used in any area to keep you warm.

FlexHeat: Pros & Cons

Reading about the perks and downsides of FlexHeat before you buy the portable heater is a good idea. Check them out:


  • You can use it to raise the temperature of a room quite quickly.
  • Anti Tip shut off for child and pet safety.
  • It’s made with sturdy materials and can take a few hits before it becomes defective.
  • FlexHeat runs quietly while being used.
  • Allows can save money on your energy bills.
  • Can be used while you are asleep
  • FlexHeat heats a 250-square-foot area
  • FlexHeat Portable Heater comes with a power cord
  • Reasonable pricing
  • It’s perfect for use in an apartment, cold dorm rooms, and cold rooms in the home.


How Does FlexHeat Work?

This is a resistant, flexible model, and most people will love it. It will help you to remain warm during the winter and it’s simple to operate. It can essentially be used by anyone, no matter how inexperienced with this kind of device they are. All you need to do is plug into a wall outlet and turn it on.

After that, you can use the options to decide the exact temperature, but that’s all the customization that it needs. When you are finished using it, just turn it off, as it will help to save even more energy.

FlexHeat Main Features

Flex Heat comes with several features that will guarantee a good user experience:

Warmer rooms: With the FlexHeat, you won’t be disappointed. It creates a room that’s warmer within minutes of turning it on, and it’s able to warm a 250 sq.ft. sized room. Because of this, it’s a fairly useful option when you have a room that’s feeling especially chilly.

Wide heat coverage: According to the creators of this small personal heater, it covers up to 250 square feet with its heat. This means that a small to medium-sized room will be completely heated when using the portable heater.

Low cost and efficiency: The company is offering a significant discount right now, and the FlexHeat will decrease the cost of your energy bills. It doesn’t require a lot of energy, especially when compared to turning up the thermostat and running the furnace.

Fully safe: People who have children or pets won’t have to worry about them when using the FlexHeat, as it’s completely safe around them as it features an anti-tip shut-off. However, the manufacturer still advises people to use it under supervision when they have small children around it.

FlexHeat Official Pricing

Don’t miss your chance at getting FlexHeat with a discount of up to 70% right now. Just visit the official store at GetFlexHeat.com and you’ll be able to take advantage of free shipping and get as many units as you want. Payments can be made with Google Pay or credit cards, and the promotion is valid for both options.

These are the current prices while the promotion lasts:

  • One FlexHeat for $69.00 + Free Shipping
  • Two FlexHeat for $69.00 Each + Free Shipping
  • Three FlexHeats for $55.00 Each + Free Shipping
  • Four FlexHeat for $55.00 Each + Free Shipping

When purchasing this American-made product, it’s possible to choose a few extras as well. For instance, you can pay $27 to get an extended warranty that will last for three years. If anything happens to your FlexHeat, you’ll receive a new one at home after you contact the manufacturer.

Another option is to pay $4.95 and get priority processing. This way, your product will reach your home quickly, and get shipping insurance in case something happens to it during the delivery.


FlexHeat FAQ

Q: Does FlexHeat require a battery?

A: No. This product comes with a four-foot power cord and only needs to be plugged into a wall outlet, and it’ll be ready to work.

Q: Is FlexHeat really as inexpensive as advertised?

A: Yes. This product is much more energy-efficient and costs just pennies to use each day than similar devices, as it was specifically built for these purposes.

Q: Does FlexHeat come with a guarantee?

A: Yes. This product is sold with a 30-day guarantee. If you decide that doesn’t meet your expectations, contact customer support and send it back unused and in the unopened box. You will receive the money, minus shipping fees, within a few days. You can reach out to customer service by phone or by sending an email to:

  • Email: support@onlinedirectdeals.com
  • Phone: 1(888)352-4912
  • Product Return Address: Online Direct Deals 970 Reserve Dr. Ste 130 Roseville, CA 95661


The company shares that consumers who have purchased the FlexHeat personal portable heater have rated it 4.6 to 5 stars out of five. HeatFlex has what you need to remain comfortable during even the coldest winter. It’s an American-owned company, reasonably priced, efficient at heating, and excellent for people with drafty rooms in their homes.

The FlexHeat portable heater can be purchased with free shipping on its official website.


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