Hyper Drill Reviews – Will HyperDrill Multifunctional Tool Work For You?

Most people have a lot of useless equipment in their toolboxes. Tools in the house are crucial to fixing messes and creating new stuff. The rising cost of living requires equipment that makes work easy and minimizes repair costs.

A hand drill is an essential part of the toolbox. It can help you create, fix, and disassemble some items in the house. However, most drills are manual and require users to exert some effort. Others are too heavy and may be better for users of certain ages.

The Hyper Drill is a multifunctional tool serving as a drill and electric screwdriver. How does it work? Is it efficient? Who can use the tool? Continue reading this review to discover more about Hyper Drill.

What is Hyper Drill?

A drill is a must-have for all homeowners. It helps you fix minor repairs around the houses. In addition, it can help in creating unique Do It Yourself (DIY) tasks around the home. A hand drill can help you turn your desires into realities without hassles if you have a creative mind.

Hyper Drill is a new tool in the market designed to make your life easier. It is multifunctional, serving as an electric screwdriver and a drill. It can replace the need to use several tools during your craft.

According to the official website, Hyper Drill is lightweight, has an ergonomic design, and is ideal for anyone looking to fix and create items around the house. It utilizes a simple, easy-to-understand mechanism with multiple features that allow users to work freely without restrictions.

Hyper Drill is a 42-tool in 1, adding to its cost-effectiveness. It has inserts that replace 12 different socket wrenches and 30 screwdrivers. Thus, you do not need to own various sizes of screwdrivers or socket wrenches. It can limit your trips to the hardware store and save you money.

Hyper Drill Features

Easy to Use

Hyper Drill has an ergonomic design and is lightweight. The designer recommends it for seniors who need to fix and build home items. It can drill tight spaces and does not require users to use excessive force during operation.


Hyper Drill is purportedly small but powerful enough to make screwing and drilling a piece of cake. You can use one hand to screw or unscrew items. It makes it easy to reach tight corners, high ceilings, and other hard-to-reach spots.

Long Battery Life

Hyper Drill can operate for more than four hours when fully charged. The maker assures users it will not die on them when they are in the middle of a big operation.


You can have a few tools with the Hyper Drill. It can purportedly replace the drill, 12 socket wrenches, and 30 screwdrivers.

Built-in Flashlight

The inbuilt flashlight helps you drill and screw dark corners. Similarly, it makes night repairs easy. You do not need to use a lantern or flashlight while using Hyper Drill.

Magnetic Tip

Most people lose the drill bits as they build or fix things. Hyper Drill features a magnetic tip that secures the drill bits, making it impossible to lose them.

Double Modes

You can opt for power or precision using the Hyper Drill tool. You can choose to use it as a drill or screwdriver.


The Application of Hyper Drill

Hyper Drill is promoted as a must-have tool for users of all ages. It can keep your home safe and accident-free. Similarly, it can help you create and disassemble items without any hassles. The multipurpose tool can help you improve your home. Below are some of its applications:

Build Items – Some people enjoy creating stuff around their homes. The Hyper Drill is handy and makes it easier to build a shed, tree house, awning, and anything that requires screwing and drilling.

Support Home Installations – Hyper Drill can aid users in adding new doors, cabinets, shelves, and anything else in the house. It has multiple features that make screwing and drilling in the homes hassle-free.

Facilitate Repair – Hyper Drill is perfect for home repairs. It can help users switch from drilling to screwing without changing the tool. It can also reach tight corners. Thus, it can save you the cost and help you make repairs like a professional.

Support Craft – Many people enjoy making crafts during their free time. Hyper Drill can purportedly give you the satisfaction of building any wooden art from scratch. This includes new shelves, a birdhouse, and furniture.

Auto RepairsHyper Drill can be used to help you make repairs to your car. You can use it to change oil or replace an air filter, among other mechanical jobs.

Who can Use Hyper Drill?

Hyper Drill is for anyone that enjoys building and repairing their stuff at home. It is small, lightweight, and powerful. It has an intuitive, ergonomic design that allows senior users to use it. Hyper Drill is 100% cordless and uses rechargeable batteries to operate.

Benefits of Hyper Drill

User-Friendly – Hyper Drill has unique transforming features that make it easy to use, especially by seniors. It can save the effort of using multiple tools and energy. Additionally, it may reduce the overall work time and prevent straining the back and neck muscles.

Flexible –The device eliminates buying two different pairs of tools. You can switch from an electric screwdriver to a drill at the touch of a button. It may provide users with enough power to handle the most challenging jobs.

Long-Lasting Battery Life – Hyper Drill can operate on a single charge for over four hours. The maker claims it gives the “oomph” to perform various tasks quickly.

Ergonomic Design – Hyper Drill is purportedly a creation by a team of ergonomic specialists. It provides the grip and power required to operate without hurting any part of the body. The intuitive design allows users to use the tool without any pain.

Hyper Drill’s Pros and Cons


  • It has an ergonomic design
  • Ideal for seniors with grip issues and painful hands
  • Supports nighttime use
  • It can reach hard-to-reach spots
  • It can transform from a drill to an electric screwdriver swiftly
  • It is intuitive and user-friendly
  • It has 42 tools


  • Hyper Drill is only available on the official website.


Customers can buy Hyper Drill only via the official website. The company reviews the orders and makes dispatches within a day.

  • One Hyper Drill Kit: $69.00 Each + $8.99 Shipping Fee
  • Two Hyper Drill Kits: $69.50 Each + $8.99 Shipping Fee
  • Four Hyper Drill Kits: $49.75 Each + $8.99 Shipping Fee

Individuals can also get a 3-year extended warranty for $9.99 during checkout.

US customers receive their delivery within five business days and get a confirmation message and a tracking number. Hyper Drill customers outside the US may require a higher shipping fee.

What is Inside the Hyper Drill Package?

  • The Hyper Drill – It can transform from a drill to a screwdriver
  • The Apex Bit – It helps the user to drill or unscrew tight spots
  • Carry Case – The case is water-resistant, compact, and easy to carry.
  • 30 Screwdriver tips – It eliminates the need to invest in separate manual screwdrivers
  • 8 Sockets and 7 Drill Bits that make it easy to fasten, drill, and unscrew bolts of different sizes


Satisfaction Guarantee

Hyper Drill offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on each order. Customers are eligible for a full refund by returning the unused product in its original packaging. For more information, customers can reach out to customer service at the following means:

  • Email: cs@imoderntrends.com.
  • Phone: 1 (833) 656 1790
  • Mailing & Return Address: Hyper Drill, 5525 S. Soto St., Vernon, CA 90058, USA


Hyper Drill is a small, lightweight device that makes building and repairing easy. It serves as a drill and electric screwdriver. The tool has numerous screwdriver tips, eight sockets, and seven drill bits to make it easier. Hyper Drill can save users time and money. Consumers can buy the Hyper Drill only via the official website.