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Eleven wins for Todd Nowack

Brentwood Bay adventure racer wraps up the MOMAR series in the Comox Valley
Brentwood Bay’s Todd Nowack was the winner of the Atmosphere Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race (MOMAR) series in the Comox Valley on Sept. 22. This was Nowak’s eleventh MOMAR title win

COMOX — The Atmosphere Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race (MOMAR) Series wrapped up the season in the Comox Valley on Saturday, Sept. 22. Todd Nowack of Brentwood Bay claimed his 11th MOMAR title win, crossing the finish line at 4:23:28.

As a seasoned MOMAR participant, Nowack enjoys new challenges the race has to offer. Some of his favourite elements in last weekend’s race included the addition of two new mountain biking trails, the orienteering stage put on by Carl Coger of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club and a 50m swim out to checkpoint 14.

“The navigation was a bit tricky at times with some mandatory bushwhacking sections, which simply upped the enjoyment factor for me,” said Nowack, adding the swim “was unexpected, fun, and gave the body a little break from the punishing mountain bike trails of Cumberland.”

Nowack said he enjoyed all other aspects of the race as well.

“Every year, I look forward to these races and will truly miss them as I head off to move to Australia next week.”

MOMAR race director, Bryan Tasaka, said Nowack’s talent for this race has been unparalleled.

“Todd has entered 14 MOMARs, won 11 of them, and placed in the top three in the others,” he said. “He is an incredible navigator and solid all-around athlete.”

The MOMAR team will miss the talent, determination and dedication of Todd Nowack, and truly wishes him the best of luck down under.

Hayden Earle of Victoria came in second overall at 4:50:07, with Courtenay’s Brad Crowe coming in a close third at 4:52:59.

Courtenay’s Sarah Seads won her ninth overall win in the solo female category.

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— Heather Stewart, media co-ordinator, MOMAR