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Who’s really to blame for CRD kerfuffle?

North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall at fault for voting herself off the CRD board

Mayor Finall herself on CFAX proudly speaks about her good work on the CRD environment and finance committees, and I’m sure it’s true.

However, a politician in a minority position who wants to continue those activities needs to learn co-operation and compromise.

Coun. Daly offered a compromise that would have seen Mayor Finall remain on the CRD board, and also on the finance and environment committees.

Her complete inability to co-operate with Daly saw her actually cast the deciding vote against having herself as the North Saanich representative at the CRD.

Mayor Finall was not thrown off the CRD board; she chose to not be reappointed rather than co-operate with Daly. Who do we blame for the furor that has transpired over this – the councillor who made the offer of co-operation or the mayor who rejected it?

Mike Stanlake

North Saanich