War of 1812 deserves more credit than Canadians give it

Reader says the War of 1812 is the reason Canadians are Canadian

Having been named after the Mohawk Indian Chief Joseph Brant who persuaded his tribe to support the British during the War of 1812, I am beginning to understand, despite having lived in many areas across the country, why so many are sketchy about the history of that event.

The War of 1812 is the only war the Americans ever lost and hence is neither taught nor given much room in their history. Because it took place in Ontario, it is not mentioned generally across our country. I doubt you would find a B.C. history student who could tell you who Issac Brock was or what he did. We celebrate the signing of the Constitution Act and pay no regard to the fact that years before we won a battle which resulted in us being Canadians.

Why do our media pay so little regard to the facts of our history? How did we happen to be British Columbia? Are we afraid to tell the Americans how we happened to be?

The War of 1812 was a vital historical event. If the Americans had won we would have no HMC ships, no Prince Edward Island, no Brock Monument, no British Columbia. So who won? We did, we Canadians.

Why is it that on the first of July we celebrate Canada Day and not the victory of 1812?

Brant Fotheringham