Vortex sucks

My encounter with the maelstrom effects while driving the new McTavish interchange AKA ‘Lunn’s Folly’?

I was a bit curious about the new impressive Pat Bay Highway interchange at McTavish, so a couple of days ago I took my trusty car and progressed from Lochside heading west to McTavish.

Entering the first traffic circle I felt a enormous overwhelming power surge of some sort, I was apprehensive but at that time not scared.

After entering the second traffic circle, the feeling of an enormous all-encompassing power was experienced, very reminiscent of being caught in a tidal whirl pool at Seymour Narrows.

Within a split second, myself and vehicle were swept up in whirling mists and powerful currents beyond my imagination.

As we turned in the powerful whirling vortex there was observed a mass of objects trapped with me.

Traffic cones, plastic bags, election signs, bicycles (some with riders), coffee cups and $10,000 dollar bills.

The whirling continued until all the thousands of $10,000 dollar bills disappeared into the center of vortex.

Then the whirling currents slowed and normal time flow returned.

Shaken but unharmed (except for a lightening of my wallet) I carried on my way.

Can someone please explain this phenomenon, was it caused by the experience of traveling in circles?

Was the paying out of large amounts of taxpayer?s money responsible?

Or was it the result of all the hot air from our Conservative candidate’s speeches twisting up through the inter-circling interchange?

Whatever caused it, please take care in using Lunn’s Folly.

It’s a very scary place for a taxpayer.

Richard Lucier-larson,