The more public input, the better the outcome for everyone

Reader responds to the PNR's editorial from July 27

Your editorial (CS: learn from Sidney debacle, Our View, July 27) is spot on.

Public engagement early in the rezoning process is necessary if the process is to work in the best interest of the whole community. The voice of the general public is an important balance to the influence of special interests.

It is not always straightforward for municipal staff to take the ideas and input from a wide variety of groups, ensure these conform to legislated requirements and draft a flawless document to put before their council. Not everyone will agree with the new zoning, sometimes there are good reasons to revise the changes; the sooner this is known the better.

With more public input provided we can expect those on council to evaluate rather than advocate, supporting the open-minded approach to decision making that we need for our community.

Peter Chandler

North Saanich