Star’s struggles part of larger problems in film industry

Digitalization of film industry isn't doing small town cinemas any favours

Congratulations to the Peninsula News Review for putting the plight of the Star on the front page. That’s where the story deserves to be.

I am a film editor with Disney Studios and believe me the Star is in a precarious position, through no fault of its own.

In 2013 the film industry is moving to digital and cutting off all film production. Theatre owners everywhere are scrambling for digital projectors. Next year is going to be very, very ugly for this business. Upper management actually told us, in a town hall meeting here at the studio, that those theatres that couldn’t keep up would be cut off to founder.

It makes me sick to write this; is this what I got into the film industry for? Film used to be a craft, a skill, when it was 35mm. Now, with the move towards digital “progress,” it has become disposable entertainment.

And now theatre owners are ruthlessly forced out of business if they can’t come up with $100,000 for a digital projector. I’ve heard that there are financial incentives that the projector companies and even some of the studios are offering to theatres.

I hope the Star can make use of these.

I have family in Sidney. Like many local residents, I love the Star and other independent cinemas. They have been the lifeblood of our industry.

As a community I wish you luck to save the Star. It will take a massive outpouring of community support, I know, but if you succeed you will inspire others.

Please know that many of us in the industry are behind you 100 per cent.

Sean Menzies

Los Angeles, Calif.