SGI stepping stone for May

During the last federal election in my local riding of Central Nova in Nova Scotia, Elizabeth May announced she was running in a district she was not from nor had any ties to. Before, during and after she lost Ms. May told anyone and everyone that she was not going anywhere and Central Nova was now her home. “We will be staying in force in Central Nova because I’m not going anywhere.” – Elizabeth May, the Globe and Mail October 15, 2009.

Not long after the national news cameras left, the party balloons were deflated and the attention was off Ms. May, she packed up and headed to greener pastures to your wonderful riding of Saanich Gulf Islands.

I ask the people of your riding not to fall for the attacks and half truths that Ms. May will bring. To be clear the only reason why Ms. May is running in your riding is to win a seat to gain national attention. Ms May’s one and only goal is to raise her profile, not to work and fight for the good people of SaanichGulf Islands. On election day vote for your local candidate not a candidate that will use you for nothing more than a stepping stone to bigger and better things like Ms. May did to Central Nova.

Tyler Cameron,

Central Nova