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Sandown swap not all cracked up to be

Resident applauds not entering 'risky business venture' of Sandown proposal

We owe a big vote of thanks to the District of North Saanich councillors who by voting against the recent Sandown land swap protected taxpayers from assuming the liabilities of a very risky business venture.

The claim by some that the majority of North Saanich residents were in favour of making this deal is absurd, I have not yet found anyone in favour of this deal. As for any supporters residing outside of North Saanich, you are entitled to your opinion but you don’t get to vote.  There is a reason this property has never sold and the lack of interest from the agricultural business community spoke volumes about the viability of this project.

For those who wish to become full time farmers go ahead, get together with your fellow supporters and buy the property.  Just don’t ask already overtaxed property owners to finance it for you.

Michael Butler

North Saanich