Prairie couple appreciates help

Visitors commend friendliness of Saanich Peninsula folk

I would like to thank the two gentlemen and the Peninsula Towing driver who assisted us about two weeks ago. While on one of our regular vacations to Sidney, we found ourselves broken down at Mary’s Bleue Moon Café, with a flight to catch in short order.

Two gentlemen who left the café shortly after us realized we were stuck and offered a boost. After they successfully got us going, our car stalled again a few blocks away, and the same two gentlemen stopped and tried to assist again.

Unfortunately the second attempt was not so successful and we had to call for a tow. The tow truck operator was there within 15 minutes – unheard of in Calgary. He was friendly, prompt and even parked our car in the marina for us.

This is the type of help and friendliness we have come to know in the area and a major part of why we visit so often.

Colin Tuckey

Calgary, Alta.