PM Harper fired final shot in the war to be Canadian

Harper fired the last shot when he killed the Canadian Wheat Board

Re: War of 1812 deserves more credit than Canadians give it (Letters, July 11)

I disagree with Mr. Fotheringham’s assessment that Canadians should give more credit to the War of 1812. First of all we weren’t Canadians then and it was nothing but a colonial dispute where the British burned the White House.

It may well be claimed in history that the last shot in this war was fired by Stephen Harper in 2012, who killed the Canadian Wheat Board and delivered our most critical resource into multi-national control, claiming that wheat is not a strategic national resource.

Stormy Mayo, an American, was at the head of Viterra and pocketed millions as he destroyed what was the Farmers Wheat Pool. Brian Mulroney, on the board of the American grain company Archer-Daniels-Midland, is laughing, along with Carlheinz Schreiber, all the way to the bank.

James K. Finley