Peninsula may get view of industrial development

Citizen group says residents of Saanich Peninsula are affected by Bamberton lands development proposal

The Saanich Inlet Protection Society is extremely concerned about the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s third reading on Feb. 8  to rezone hundreds of acres of forest land on the western shore of Saanich Inlet to light industrial.

Some of us are property owners in South Cowichan regional district and we are all residents around Saanich Inlet. The entire process around the Bamberton properties has been very confusing, with little public information.

Residents the length of the eastern shore of Saanich Inlet on the Saanich Peninsula will be affected by constant intrusive noise and light pollution.

There are no barriers across the water.

The Jan. 24 public hearing was not well publicized, nor announced in a timely manner. We attended the public hearing and were appalled by the lack of responsible moderating by the chair.

By holding this public hearing, Cowichan Valley Regional District has put itself in the position of not being able to receive further input regarding the use of these lands, and the district has not had the courtesy to include neighbours in the discussion.

There has been little respect or consultation with communities and jurisdictions affected by such a massive change in land use.

There seems to be little guarantee of sediment control, groundwater security, or contaminant control.

We have no idea of the impact of such a land use change on the viability of this jewel in our midst – the threatened, yet still viable ecosystem that is Saanich Inlet.

We find this unconscionable.

Sheila Irving, Nikki Wright, Norman Fowlow, Patricia Sloan, Denis Coupland and Frances Pugh

Saanich Inlet ProtectionSociety