OUR VIEW: Safety before landscaping

Frost Avenue might not be the highest traffic area of town, but it’s still used by plenty of pedestrians

The signs of summer are here – intermittently, we’ll admit – and with them come all the joys and doldrums of yard work.

Mowing, planting, pruning and watering will be added to the list of chores for many on the Peninsula. They already have in most cases, but for a few folks living in Sidney, there will be a little less to do this summer than in years past.

Town crews have already started the prep work to install sidewalks on Frost Avenue, which intersects with Lochside Drive. That means a few feet of frontage in several yards will disappear.

Less yard work is good news for some, but irritates others who naturally like having that extra yard space. Unfortunately for the residents on the south end of the corner of Frost and Lochside, their very extensive landscaping will have to be scaled back a bit. Neighbours said the owners of that property have spent around $10,000 making that corner look as attractive as it does. They added those residents are very understanding of the plan to install sidewalks.

All this is in the name of safety, though. Frost Avenue might not be the highest traffic area of town, but it’s still used by plenty of pedestrians, people with scooters and strollers, kids on bikes and skateboards.

Bonnie North, who also lives on the corner, told Sidney council last week she keeps an eye over her shoulder while gardening to give herself time to jump out of the way. She’s seen enough cars come flying around the corner (three have ended up in her garden) to raise concern about her own well being and that of others.

No one likes losing part of their land, especially if work has been done to make it look spectacular, but enough residents have expressed worry over safety there that the work is worth it. Whether Frost Avenue residents have asked for sidewalks or not, the greater good takes precedence. The Town of Sidney is doing the right thing.