Obey the speed limits

Regardless of the speed limit, responsible citizens obey the law

I have lived on West Saanich Road just around the blind corner across from McHattie Road for 40 years. I have been honked at, fingered at, etc., just trying to get in and out of my own driveway!

Drivers will even pass over a double line just to roar by.

From Oct. 17, 2011 to Dec.12, 2011 a traffic speed reader was placed at the corner of McHattie Road. Posted speed limit was 50km/hr. Results showed that of 52,141 vehicles 100 per cent were driving over the speed limit.

West Saanich Road has been now designated an official truck route and has become a favourite for everything from truck and trailers carrying earth moving equipment to fully loaded dump trucks.

The neighbourhood children walking to school are in constant danger from drivers on their cell phones or eating their breakfast while at the wheel, speeding around that blind corner. Many of these drivers encroach into the narrow walking lane as attested to by the need to replace the little cups placed on the dividing line for pedestrians.

Neighbours along this road have requested a safe walking path to the village but have been told that this is too expensive. Unfortunate, because all we are asking for is a curb to offer some kind of reminder to the speeding drivers that we too have rights on this road.

There is no other route to take into the village.

Regardless of the speed limit, responsible citizens obey the law.

Liz Puttergill

Brentwood Bay