Not ready for the OCP to be rewritten

Lot re-zonings could impact official community plan says reader

At the Sept. 17 North Saanich council meetings, a quiet, little application proposed rezoning two lots from R2 to R1. This has the ability to change the entire OCP. It would be the first time lots of less than one acre are subdivided to R1 from R2 for no apparent reason.

Passing of the application to rezone would open the door for the entire south east quadrant to become R1 over time. In fact, any sewered area of North Saanich would be open to subdivision of lots less than one-half acre. This could be a 35 per cent increase in lot density as every opportunity would be an R1 request to subdivide.

If you value the rural quality and peace in North Saanich, contact your councillor and make it known that you are not ready for the OCP to be rewritten as a result of approving this application.

Erica Westmacott

North Saanich