No room for terrorism

Re: MPs against government anti-terrorism (PNR Sept. 21).

Re: MPs against government anti-terrorism (PNR Sept. 21).

The lead article gives a false impression as to the reason for the federal government’s plan to increase certain provisions of the Anti Terrorism Act.

There is good reason for this where jihadist cells do exist in our country and where there is a need to provide legal counter-measures. Islamism is real and on the rise worldwide. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive and foolhardy.

Of course the NDP will oppose; that’s their job. The validity of a political science professor is dubious. Elizabeth May, the one Green Party MP can say anything she likes with impunity. She states that she feels the proposals are excessive and cause concern for loss of civil liberties, this is inflammatory, but not true. Her boast about her perceived potential to change bills is ludicrous at best.

Peter Chance,