NIMBYism pushed quality senior care out of Oak Bay

Oak Bay residents made visiting ailing residents difficult by pushing Lodge out of their community

Re: Plans to bring seniors care to SPH come with concerns (News, July 11)

Bud McLean points out that having high-care people from Oak Bay relocated to Central Saanich would make it awkward for their families to visit them.

But that’s what the majority of Oak Bay council voted for in turning down the application of Baptist Housing and VIHA to replace the care facility at Oak Bay Lodge. Why would Oak Bay council do something so thoughtless?

Because they pandered to NIMBYs, who want to control property they have not earned. And because they are control freaks – for example, the mayor of Oak Bay suggested that Baptist Housing and VIHA should have asked council what they wanted, despite having extensive discussions (according to the applicants).

And they played word games – one councillor claimed opponents weren’t NIMBYs, despite their playing of the “character of the neighbourhood” card, which uses collectivism to con others into supporting their own selfish goal.

The case is a lesson for Central Saanich politicians, who drove the Co-op away by wanting to manipulate people.

Keith Sketchley