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Moms play vital role in children’s development

Re: Feminism gone too far in Canada (Comment, Feb. 4)

I really appreciate your column on feminism. I like your point of view on the subject.

My opinion is if women really want to be equal with men, they need to stop having babies. Men don’t have babies, women do. The reality is if women want to be like men so badly they need to stop filling day cares with these cast-off children. In reality, people are treating their kids like pets and their pets like children.

They spend all their money grooming, dressing and training their dogs while their kids sit in the care of caregivers. When the child isn’t in day care they are tossed into extra activities. When are these parents actually spending time with their kids?

I am a home mom by choice – we don’t live with luxuries, we don’t have two cars or expensive clothing but we do have love and family unity.

At some point, feminists need to get their act together. Either walk in a man’s shoes all the way or stop complaining about insignificant things.

It’s true that women have to remember we have an important place in this world. Really, I believe our role as women is far more important than that of a man because we can create life. Without us there would not be any men in this world.

I think feminism has gone too far. I agree women can work ,but to believe they have to work is as much of a lie as those who believe they have to put their children in day care so they can be socialized. Women believe they have to work because they want to do better than men. It’s not worth the effort, men will always have more endurance than the majority of women.

Mary-Ellen Paul