Market intervention by Town of Sidney a plus for small businesses

Executive director of Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre happy to see changes coming for Sidney summer market

Sometimes an experience can be distinguished and promoted for what it is not.

Sidney is the un-mall. Our friendly small town atmosphere is real and it’s the opposite of big box, mega malls, and downtown.

Largely because of our location in Sidney, the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre has attracted over 335,000 visitors since we opened just thirty-four months ago. Locals love our community and are proud to bring their friends. Sidney has so much to offer as an authentic small town.

Rancour over the summer market and serious financial and governance issues at the Sidney Business Association may result in the organization’s demise.

Thankfully, council has intervened to save the market. The new merchant’s co-op that sprang up to promote Sidney has proven to be very effective. Building on this success, we hope merchants will engage with positive new efforts to promote Sidney.

When small business thrives, all residents enjoy a prosperous and vibrant community.

Angus Matthews

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre