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LETTER: Malahat intersection needs improvement

Thank you for the most interesting article regarding ‘110 years since crews paved the Malahat.’ The B.C. Ministry of Transportion also deserves acknowledgement for its commitment to safety on this stretch of highway. However, there is indeed more work to be done. In particular, the Trans-Canada Highway and Shawnigan Lake Road intersection needs improvement. The installation of traffic signals or an alternative to intersection design needs to be considered.

I have about 200,000 kilometres of motorcycle riding experience (not a lot compared to some enthusiasts). I regularly ride the Malahat for recreation. I can emphatically say that each time I approach this intersection while travelling southbound on my motorcycle it is the most anxious and threatening experience I encounter on any highway in the western provinces or states. Even putting into play all the proactive defensive riding skills available to the responsible motorcyclist, if a vehicle in the northbound left-turn lane doesn’t see me it will likely be my last ride. I breathe a huge sigh of relief if there are no cars in the left-turn lane and I clear the intersection.

John Charlton


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