Lead us not into temptation

Marijuana is a dangerous drug, that pollutes the brain.

Marijuana is a dangerous drug, that pollutes the brain. Why would any government want to legalize something that causes families so much grief and pain?

All dope addicts start with marijuana, then they have to ramp up the thrills. It would appear to me all these MPs that are supporting this idiotic idea, perhaps are users. Sure, it’s a cash cow, that’s the only reason they want it legalized. But just wait until we get a bunch of legal users who drink as well and your profits will pay out billions looking after addicts.

We are trying to stop people from smoking cigarettes, yet so many seem to think  a joint is harmless. This stuff is dangerous. Once you start, it hooks into your life. Get real folks. Marijuana, cigarettes cause birth defects, cancer, depression, deafness, etc. I bet every addict out there started with marijuana.

Marijuana changes lives, causes deaths and destroys families. Only those, that are ill, and fully monitored by a medical doctor should be allowed to have marijuana. What kind of young people will we have in the next generation, when adults are so stupid?

Yield not to temptation.

Eileen Nattrass