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It’s summertime rain or shine

Will summer ever arrive?

Will the real Greater Victoria summer ever arrive?

Many locals are wondering that as they look for ways to enjoy summer vacation at home with the kids, long weekends off or outdoor evenings during the longest days of the year.

True, adverse weather isn’t impossible to avoid, and does put the damper on planned events. Rain last weekend didn’t drown the enthusiasm of the crowds gathered at Beacon Park for the Summer Sounds concerts, or slow the tide of Brentwood folks headed to the bay to enjoy Music in the Park on Wednesday.

By and large, we are faring far better than say, Northern BC, which is reeling from landslides and road washouts resulting from heavy rain (see B.C. Views, this page).

Visitors to the area haven’t been scared away by the weather. Tourism Victoria indicates the industry is doing quite fine this season, with visitor numbers up over last year — go downtown or browse the shops of Sidney and you’ll get a sense of that.

Weather is one of those subjects we all have in common, making it the most popular conversation starter. But we all have a choice as to how we look at it.

We can focus on the negative and lament the scorching hot days of summers past, the dearth of outdoor swimming opportunities and the way-late state of the produce growing season.

Or we can be thankful for what we do have, which is a pretty darned pleasant climate that allows us to do a multitude of activities outdoors.

With more than half of summer still in front of us, we can expect plenty of opportunities to enjoy the heat of the season. But nothing is stopping us from getting out there now and enjoying the many activities and events in full swing around the region — even if we are forced to put up the umbrella or wear an extra layer now and again.