It’s just too fine a day to complain

News Review reader writes a positive letter, rather than issuing a complaint

I have no complaint today, not with the SBA, teachers, governments or my aching back.

I read the Review this morning then headed out to my garden where I watched wall lizards hunt for their breakfast. One tenacious critter was trying to climb the side of a round bottom flower pot, but was unable to hang on in a dozen attempts. I wondered how clever this animal was, so placed a wooden stake as an access ramp.

After three more failed attempts to climb the pot’s side, it found my ramp and was into the pot in a jiffy.

We have had wall lizards in our yard for perhaps 10 years now. I understand they have spread since being released from a little zoo near Durrance Lake in the 1970s. We used to have pill bugs in abundance in our garden, but hardly see one now. As a result, our seedlings are faring much better.

It’s just too fine a day to complain about anything, don’t you think?

Frank Whitney

Brentwood Bay