Green take on politics refreshing for Peninsula

Elizabeth May's style in parliament looks good to PNR reader

Re: Gary Lunn nostalgia strikes PNR reader (Letters March 30)

I think this community rallied behind Elizabeth May because she brings a fresh Green perspective to Canadian politics. Her enthusiastic, creative mind has the capacity to re-imagine politics and opportunities that are more aligned to positive human and environmental outcomes. What she offers my children is hope that politicians can be willing to fundamentally change the course we’re presently on. She’s spent her first year setting priorities, promoting good conduct, encouraging a more sustainable approach to planning and we all know May has no problem understanding budget implications.

Many of us were less than impressed with the use of public funds for the ridiculous over sized McTavish Road interchange. It was a classic example of cronyism. We need to question the wisdom of taking on national debt for projects of this nature. If Mike Houle, with his expertise in alternative service delivery and public private projects, engaged with Elizabeth May he’d likely find, as I have, her ability to grasp good ideas with ease and he might even find that she is an ally in Ottawa who promotes innovative investments for our community.

Heather Goulet

North Saanich