Government should not condone pot use

More advertising about the dangers of marijuana use should be out there says reader


Why are our Vancouver Island politicians as well as the NDP (and federal

Liberal) parties in support of legalizing marijuana when we know that smoking it is many (at least five) times more carcinogenic than tobacco? Are our social and personal costs associated with tobacco use not staggering enough?


The marijuana being used now is 10 times more potent than it was years ago. Do any of us feel good about meeting a person on the road who is driving “stoned” on pot? I sure don’t. How many death related accidents are now caused by pot use? How would we justify to our children that our government decided to legalize a noxious substance like marijuana to make more tax revenue?

Some parents have failed to adequately warn their children about the dangers associated with using marijuana.

What governments need to do is to start ad campaigns which state clearly the substantial harm pot is causing in society, not condone its use.

Bill Wilson