Global warming denier astounds fellow reader

A PNR reader is amazed that a letter suggested few people believe in climate change

Re: Attack on Mulcair policies in ads carry economic clout (Letters, Aug. 3)

The author of this letter seems to have a confused view regarding Canada’s present manufacturing difficulties. He mentions our recent softwood lumber agreement with the U.S. as being an example of a successful outcome due to free trade. The lumber industry was unjustly penalized billions of dollars by the Americans over the years, however the courts were poised to force the return of these illegally confiscated funds before the present Conservative Canadian government caved in to the Americans.

The most outrageous claim by this author was in his last paragraph where he stated that “practically no one believes in global warming and there is no evidence to suggest carbon dioxide has any effect on global temperatures.”

If the author is intending the meaning of “practically” to suggest that “nearly” no one believes in global warming then this is a blatant falsehood. Most climate and ocean scientists are in agreement and recent polls have demonstrated that up to 80 per cent of Canadians believe that the science of climate change is real.

Unfortunately, there still are the deniers and they seem to fall into three categories: those who are blissfully ignorant, those whose comprehension is challenged by the science and lastly, those who are deliberately denying the seriousness of the anthropogenic impact on global warming for personal gain.

T.V. Gogol

North Saanich