Don’t destroy what keeps us alive

We do need the city but we also need our green environment

We do need the city but we also need our green environment, the space, the fresh air, the agricultural land for food production. How should we feed all those people in a time of emergency?

To build more and call it “progress” is very misleading. If the city spreads and creeps over the land and swallows the last remaining green space, everybody will suffer.

We are being told more development would bring in more money and reduce the tax. The opposite is true. More development will cost money, taxes will rise, crime will increase, air pollution will endanger our health and traffic will become a nightmare.

Drive out to Canora Road and judge for yourself. Is this how you would like your community to look like? This kind of development will only serve the developer, not the community, nor those who can’t afford their own house. In addition, with the future development on Sandown land, more Sidney shops will close and the rural atmosphere will be lost.

We all know we can’t trust election promises. However, to withdraw into our own little world is not a solution either.

Let’s freeze all future development and demand a full OCP review. No council of the day can change it without the consent of the community. It’s time to say no to irresponsible destruction of former agricultural land.

We must take action now before it’s too late. Don’t destroy what was meant to keep us alive. Let’s take back our community and vote for those who protect the land and listen to us residents.

Hildegard Horie

North Saanich