‘Credible’ key in vision for the future

Reader still question's Elizabeth May's capabilities in parliament

Re: May’s work works for some

I wanted to thank Mr. Buicliu for his response to my letter of March 30, 2012.

I find it necessary however to clarify a few points.

To start, I have no debate with his suggestion that our air, food, water, and land require state protection. I simply take exception with any claim that the Green party will achieve any of these ends, and that Green ideology is based on hard science. If you take the time to consider the facts, the Wi-Fi and smart meter debates are non-starters.

As for the Kyoto Protocol having little or no impact on the economic well being of all Canadians – be serious.

To Mr. Buicliu’s second point “how can May achieve a portfolio considering her lonely voice in parliament?”. In Canada, we already have a name for a party that sits in government, year after year accomplishing nothing and doing little more than being a constant burden on taxpayers.  They’re called the Bloc.

‘Unlike the writer, I expect that Ms. May will be a collaborative parliamentarian and that she will demonstrate the highest traditions of parliament (not unlike the distinguished independent MPs that preceded her such as Chuck Cadmen). I also expect that she will seek to form alliances and relationships that cross party lines as well as advance a credible vision for our future.

Most importantly however, I expect that she would bring recognition and notoriety to our community. To date, our Green-Bloc representative has accomplished none of these things.

Gary Lunn achieved his vision. It’s already apparent that we cannot expect Ms. May to do the same.

My original questions stands. Ms. May, is this the best you can do?

Mike Houle


North Saanich