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Council plays games in North Saanich

Group of four councillors might not be making the best decisions for North Saanich community

Re: Boos, hisses as split council stalls Sandown proposal (News, Dec. 16)

Guiding principles of good governance include being visionary, responsive, respectful, accountable and fair. Sadly, the recent decisions regarding the District of North Saanich CRD board and the Sandown proposal made by councillors Dunstan Browne, Ted Daly, Conny McBride and Craig Mearns do not represent these fundamental values.

The earlier decision to appoint Daly to the CRD board rather than acclaimed Mayor Alice Finall does not demonstrate respect for the mayor’s leadership role as the district’s chief executive officer. Instead, this decision does nothing more than create divisiveness – creating a wedge rather than a bridge between local citizens and neighbours.

The Dec. 12 council decision (four votes to three) not to proceed with the next phase of the Sandown proposal also does not exemplify a visionary perspective on social, cultural and human development, particularly as it relates to providing food security in the region.

As a young person residing in North Saanich, I see these recent decisions by councillors Browne, Daly, McBride and Mearns as a cautionary note as to whether these elected officials actually have a genuine desire to create a positive and altruistic legacy for future generations (such as myself) and to uphold good governance practices when thinking, planning and acting to enhance community and citizen well-being in North Saanich.

Natasha Caverley

North Saanich