Clean energy projects questioned


Mr. Reemeyer’s letter (PNR July 29) stating that the province needs to develop clean energy sources is largely based on wishful thinking.

Spain, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Denmark have all made massive investments in renewable energy. Yet in every one of these countries, their renewable energy is much more expensive and less reliable than energy from fossil fuel, hydro, or nuclear power.

It is families, especially poor families, that are bearing the extra costs for power, and also the extra costs that expensive energy imposes on goods and services, including food. In these countries, instead of developing a new industry, “green energy” ead to fewer net jobs, and the relocation of industries to Third World countries.

In Spain, more than two jobs were lost in the regular economy for every new job in renewable energy.

Mr. Reemeyer should explain precisely why the deleterious results experienced in these six countries will not happen in BC; otherwise increasing renewable energy here will be just as bad for the people of BC as it is for the people in Europe.

Fred Langford,