Claims about divorce inequality unsubstatiated

Re: Feminism gone too far in Canada (Comment, Feb. 4)

How disappointed I am regarding Ms. Cardone’s column and opinion that feminism has gone too far.

Couldn’t it be that because men are simply making more money than their former spouses, who probably sacrificed their careers to become mothers and so for continuity of childcare and financial health of the family unit, women retain more custodial arrangements than men?  If women are granted half a man’s future earnings, couldn’t it be because mothers are doing the unpaid work of raising children? To blame feminism for any ill effects on men? Cardone has gone too far in her claim.

According to the UN, women make up 53 per cent of the world’s population but hold only one per cent of its wealth. While women’s presence in many institutions such as universities is unparalleled today, this does not indicate equal access to power or voice in decision-making.

Feminism still has a way to go, especially in other parts of the world.

L.K. Webber

Oak Bay