CBC cuts could hurt seniors

Reader calls for letter campaign to keep cuts out of CBC budget

I am deeply concerned about the cuts to the CBC announced in the March budget.

These cuts are going to severely threaten many of the key services we have come to depend on in Canada. CBC keeps Canada connected and offers good insight into our democracy and culture.

These cuts are going hit very hard our shut-in seniors, residents in rural areas and those in the north who have come to depend on CBC to reflect their voice.

The seniors of this country greatly supported the Conservative party in their bid for a majority government. They believed the prime minister and our minister James Moore when they said during the election campaign they would not cut the CBC’s funding. They have broken their promise with a 10 per cent cut which will devastate the CBC.

This prime minister’s legacy will be the one that sees many cuts to programming we love on radio and TV and may see us lose Hockey Night in Canada.

I urge the citizens of Greater Victoria to contact our Minister of Heritage James Moore and our prime minister and ask them to rescind these cuts.


Maureen Mann


North Saanich