Bring market to Brentwood

Central Saanich resident says Sidney Market would be a good fit in Brentwood Bay

How about a Brentwood market?

I’m not familiar with the details of the fallout between the Sidney council and the SBA, but it’s the residents who end up with the hit.

It’s a shame that such negative publicity has been published about both parties when, really, both are around to promote Sidney and continue making it a desirable place to live and visit.

I have a solution: Come to Brentwood Bay. We have a spectacular little community, a similar street to Beacon Avenue with great shops, a fantastic park, wonderful heritage and endless charm. We’re smaller than Sidney, but we’re growing and a night market would be exactly the kind of promotion we need to showcase our town. Brentwood Bay Night Market has a great ring to it.

Linda Biggs

Central Saanich