Beefs and Bouquets for June

PNR readers write about what ticked them off or made them grin last month

My thanks to the kindness of strangers who channelled my shopping bag and vital contents so they could be returned to me. I am most grateful.

S. Erskine


Thank you to all of those who supported our hot dog sale at the Beta Sigma Phi fundraiser during the Dean Park garage sale. It was very successful and the money raised will be going to a good cause in our community.

Susan Davey


I would like to send a huge bouquet to the staff at Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse. My mother recently visited and with the weather so poor we struggled to find things to do. After a bit of telephone tag Gabrielle, Lindsey and Terrence treated us to a spectacular luncheonette, farm tour and a peek at the cider production area. The food was superb and the views fabulous.

The staff at Sea Cider are among the best and brightest I have encountered. Congratulations and thanks for giving us both a very memorable afternoon.

Cher Beattie


The KELSET elementary school Parent Advisory Council would like to extend a very sincere thank you to all of our KELSET families and community supporters for making our spring fair the best yet. With your generosity and support we were able to raise over $14,000 that will go directly to support programs, activities and materials for our students and school.



Bouquets for Phil Turpin and the Islanders who donated their time on June 17 for a concert in the park in support of the Parkland school’s music program. It was a great afternoon with East Coast music enjoyed by everyone and in excess of $450 was donated by the kind people of Sidney (and visitors). I am proud to inform everyone that the Islanders and the Bayside Big Band will be donating their services in Beacon Park on Sept. 16 for a benefit concert in support of our Star Cinema.

Kenny Podmore


Thank you to the lovely person who sent an anonymous letter to our coffee shop (Alexander’s) thanking us for our community service, our support of the local artists, our customer service and for providing a cozy atmosphere. You have no idea how much this means to us to hear this and we deeply appreciate it.

We open our doors, as do many businesses each day, with a wish for a good day. Not all days go smoothly but most importantly, my staff and I make the effort to provide a refuge of sorts to our wonderful customers who have supported us for 19 years.

To know that someone feels we are making a difference, and I think I speak for many small businesses in our community who do the same, means the world to us. Thank you for your very kind words, you raised our spirits up a notch today.

Sandy Shams