An upside to going round

It seems we are going around in circles over the new McTavish intersection.

Letters of criticism have appeared frequently in the last few weeks.

I for one, like the interchange; although not necessarily, the Conservatives who contributed to it.

We no longer have to brake at the orange light heading North or South at the former junction and idle while our engine burns up liquid gold in the fuel tank, and then shoots pollutants into the atmosphere as we hit the gas pedal.

Roundabouts work: they are a standard in many parts of the world — including some in Eastern Canada. In the UK there are some giant ones, but as long as drivers heed the rules and join the flow, accidents seldom happen. The upside is energy is conserved, there is little upkeep and vehicles keep moving, so delays are marginal.

The landscaping, appearance and signage are good at McTavish, far superior than I expected. The big ugly concrete overpass has not materialized. And while I do not endorse dancing with the Conservatives, they do get a score of six, and a bronze star for their effort.

Margaret J. Jestico,

Central Saanich