Senior scammer does rounds on the Peninsula

Man claiming to be a long-lost nephew attempts to get money from seniors

Central Saanich police are warning seniors on the Peninsula to be extra vigilant after three situations occurred involving a man trying to scam money by telling elderly people face-to-face he was their long-lost nephew.

The first incident occurred in Sidney Aug. 9 and involved a man who approached an older couple and began chatting with them. He walked with the couple for several blocks and although he did not ask the couple for cash, he gained a significant amount of information from them including where they lived. He then told the couple he would return to see them later. They later reported the incident to Sidney North Saanich RCMP.

On Aug. 10, a report came from a seniors complex in the 7600 block of East Saanich Road that a man had entered a resident’s apartment claiming to be her long-lost nephew and asking for money. Fortunately the woman had no cash on her and the man left her apartment without incident. A few minutes later, a resident driving in the parking lot of the complex was approached by a man with the same story. She did not give the man cash either and reported the incident to the facility’s staff.

“The suspect is very polite with them and there were no actual threats of violence,” said Cpl. Pat Bryant of the Central Saanich police. “We’re just asking seniors to be extra cautious, to lock their doors and if they are approached by someone asking questions to not answer them.”

The suspect is described as a Caucasian man, 5′ 6″ tall with a medium build and short, receding dirty blond and grey hair. Witnesses say the man also has a distinguishable red complexion.

There was also a similar case reported in Victoria yesterday.

Police are asking anyone with information on these incidents or similar ones contact them at 250-652-4441.