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PHOTOS: Climate justice rally demands federal implementation of the Just Transition Act

Just Transition Act encourages more green jobs, shift away from fossil fuel sectors

Urgent action on developing a greener economy was the focus for Victoria residents who rallied Saturday (March 12) at Centennial Square.

Organizer D’Arcy Briggs said the demonstration is aimed at government decision-makers to pass the Just Transition Act – legislation aimed at shifting economic priorities.

“Three years ago, (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau and the Liberals said they would implement the Just Transition Act, meaning more green jobs and pulling away from the pipeline and fossil fuel sectors – since then nothing has happened,” said Briggs. “We’ve seen very little action on the federal end.”

The government has shown through the pandemic that they can act quickly, added Briggs, and he wants to see the same kind of action on the climate emergency.

“Part of the solution is holding the government accountable – the public can contact their elected officials and it is their job to listen to these messages.”

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Better Indigenous leadership within government was another aspect of climate justice Briggs stressed. Before colonization there wasn’t a climate crisis, he said.

Rally attendee Severin Odland and a member of Climate Justice Victoria said it is more important than ever to put pressure on the government due to the climate emergency.

“We need to decarbonize as fast as possible,” said Odland.

According to the Government of Canada website, shifts in the economy would prepare the workforce to participate in the low-carbon economy while reducing the impacts of labour market transitions.

Supporting economic opportunities for workers in communities across Canada and having discussions with workers that affect their livelihoods would also be imperative.

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