The grandparent scam is making a resurgence in the Greater Victoria area. (File photo)

The grandparent scam is making a resurgence in the Greater Victoria area. (File photo)

Oak Bay senior scammed of cash

Grandparent scam reappears in Greater Victoria

Oak Bay police warn of a resurgence in the ‘grandparent scam’ after an Oak Bay resident was duped of cash.

The scam that “it ebbs and flows” is on a high in the region right now, say Oak Bay police.

The fraud entails someone calling a random number and starting the conversation with ‘hi grandma’ (or grandpa), in hopes a caller will respond with a name. A tale of woe, for the named grandchild and plea for cash follows.

“They ask them to send money one way or another,” says Const. Sandrine Perry, Oak Bay Police Department.

In the recent Oak Bay case, the victim did send money.

”It’s really unfortunate because the people doing this tug at the heartstrings of those who care about their kids and grandkids,” Perry said.

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In this case, The fraud included reference to a police officer that didn’t exist. Someone helping the victim deal with a subsequent request for money recognized the scam and called to confirm the officer’s existence, a move police applaud.

“When I do the talks at the different residences or the Monterey centre I always say call the police agency back if you aren’t sure it’s an actual police officer. If you’re feeling unsure it’s best to make sure,” Perry said. “Unfortunately we’re at the point where we have to hang up with the people we trust and call them back.”

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