Most expensive properties on Saanich Peninsula revealed

B.C. Assessment releases list of priciest houses, private islands in Sidney, Saanich areas

Private islands aside, a Central Saanich property leads the list of the five most expensive residential properties on the Saanich Peninsula according to a list released by B.C. Assessment. All the properties from the three municipalities that make up the Saanich Peninsula are waterfront. The home at 8408 Lawrence Rd. is assessed at nearly $9.3 million. McPhail Road holds the next two highest with 8100 McPhail assessed at just over $8.2 million and 8150 at $5.7 million.

The highest valued in North Saanich is just under $7 million for 670 Lands End Rd. Nearby 872 Lands End came in near $5 million.

Sidney properties round out the lower end of the spectrum, with a pair of waterfront properties on All Bay Road in the top two: 10493 All Bay is just over $3.6 million and 10487 All Bay is just over $2.5 million.

James Island expectedly leads the islands with an assessed value of more than $46 million. Domville, Forest, Brethour and Goudge islands hover range from $8.1 million to $9.8 million.

Here’s a list of the highest-assessed properties on the Peninsula and their assessed values.

Source: B.C. Assessment

8408 LAWRENCE RD $9,256,941.60

A 8100 MCPHAIL RD $8,203,833.64

8150 MCPHAIL RD $5,725,664.40

8244 WEST SAANICH RD $5,616,380.17

8338 WEST SAANICH RD $5,586,479.63

10493 ALLBAY RD$3,631,533.40

10487 ALLBAY RD $2,555,272.20

2525 BEAUFORT RD $2,246,472.30

10431 ALLBAY RD $2,228,440.14

10043 THIRD ST $1,934,578.14

670 LANDS END RD $6,946,736.33

872 LANDS END RD $4,962,832.03

9088 ARDMORE DR $4,287,010.06

9740 GLYNNWOOD PARK RD $3,935,300.54

528 LANDS END RD $3,840,482.48

JAMES ISLAND $46,403,565.21

DOMVILLE ISLAND $9,861,523.49

FOREST ISLAND $9,528,378.23

BRETHOUR ISLAND $8,284,063.38

GOUDGE ISLAND $8,167,469.80