District ready for roosters

Roosters will crow in North Saanich on properties larger than 1.75 acres.

Revisions to the animal control bylaw in the district were kicked off by a rooster named Ricardo, on a property just shy of two-acres.

“Ricardo’s situation is the main consideration since he’s the one who started this whole thing,” said councillor Anny Scoones. “I think option three allows him to continue living on his property.”

Option three allows for roosters on properties 1.75 acres or larger. It was the final consideration staff asked of council in a series of tweaks to the bylaw.

“I have a 17-page report in front of us with at least six maps, to determine in an agricultural area whether we should have roosters,” said councillor Dunstan Browne, after noting he’s in full favour of the bylaw changes.

Council agreed to allow roosters on properties 1.75 acres and larger and will send the draft bylaw to the district lawyer for review.