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Sidney’s Boondocks Cafe to change locations in September

Building housing local eatery expected to be torn down
Boondocks Cafe in Sidney. (Steven Heywood/News staff)

After close to 30 years in the same building in Sidney, the Boondocks Cafe has announced its plans to change locations later this year.

The move was announced by the owners of the cafe in a Facebook post Thursday. In part, owners Sean and Jenn McNeill wrote: “There are many rumours about the fate of Boondocks So let’s get the story straight! Our building is in fact being torn down. After spending 26 years in this building it will be a bittersweet day to see it go.”

In the post, they wrote Boondocks does have a new location — the former location of Theos Restaurant on Fifth Street, which closed last year after its owner retired. Jenn, in a message to the News Review Friday morning, confirmed they hope to re-open there by the second week of September.

Jenn added they had some uncertainty about when their building’s owner would be tearing it down. The building is located on First Street in Sidney. Most recently, a marine shop next door to the cafe was torn down, leaving two empty lots (including a former location of the News Review) surrounding them. That entire corner area could see redevelopment, as the Peninsula Co-Op gas station nearby has closed and that location is slated for change.

“All we could get from our landlord is ‘sometime in the near future’,” she stated about possible building demolition. “And we can’t live like that so we had to find somewhere to move. After 30 years in business it’d be hard to just throw it away.”

She added they are excited to be making the move.

“We hope you will follow us over to the new place,” she wrote on Facebook, “and continue to have many good time for years to come.”

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