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Morning wind warning paves way to potential for thunder in Greater Victoria

Sunny skies expected to return through Easter weekend
Strong winds predicted for south Vancouver Island will ease near noon on March 27 as the front weakens and moves inland, according to Environment Canada. (Environment Canada)

In true spring fashion, Greater Victoria residents face a strong chance of spotting drifting cherry blossoms with a potential for afternoon thundershowers on Wednesday.

Strong winds are expected the morning of March 27 throughout Greater Victoria, and Southern Gulf Islands up the east coast of the Island to just south of Nanaimo, according to Environment Canada.

An approaching frontal system will spread strong southeasterly winds to parts of southern Vancouver Island, and Gulf Islands with gusts up to 90 km/h in the morning. The winds will ease near noon as the front weakens and moves inland, according to an alert issued late Tuesday.

The forecast includes a high chance of rain for much of the day and potential for thunderstorms expected around 2 p.m.

The rain continues Thursday and clears for sunny skies starting Friday (March 29) through the Easter weekend.

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