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‘In awe’: Blooming Sidney garden impresses onlookers

Some have called it the best garden in Sidney

A large garden outside a condo building in Sidney continues to wow those who pass by it.

This is especially true when it’s in full bloom during the spring and summer seasons – a testament to the people who take care of it in the place they call home.

Judy Underwood, 80, has maintained the lower garden at the Sea Wind strata complex at 2447 Henry Ave. as a volunteer since she moved into the building in March 2021.

The garden has now become a huge hit around town, drawing visitors who come to take a look.

“So many people have seen it, and they are just in awe,” Underwood said. “Residents make a point of walking down this street. Some people think it’s the best garden in Sidney. They just love it. It’s the neatest thing.”

Joan Jarthwaite first created the garden in 2019 with the help of Judy Smith.

“It started off really slow and simple, but then I got carried away,” Underwood said. “I’ve taken over the maintenance.”

Smith continued to help with the planting this year.

“It’s been really good working with the other Judy,” Underwood said.

This year’s garden has included lobelias, hydrangeas, rock roses and winter pansies.

“It’s huge,” Underwood said. “These flowers have really added to the beauty of our building. Some of the plants do better in the morning sunlight, and some do better in the afternoon sunlight. That’s a challenge. I’m just constantly making sure everything in the garden is working as it should.”

Underwood plans to keep the garden going for years to come.

“I have the energy to do it and I enjoy doing it.”

Underwood has always loved gardening.

“I just love to see things grow and thrive and tending to plants. It’s a pleasure just to look at them.”

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