Eagles soar in Brentwood

Now you can perch on the deck at Church & State Wines, glass of wine in hand, and watch mighty birds of prey soar and swoop over the vineyards.

The Raptors at Church & State, a thrilling new attraction for the Saanich Peninsula, features bald and golden eagles, hawks, owls, falcons and vultures in awe-inspiring flights over the winery’s vineyards. The winery has worked in partnership with the Cowichan Valley’s Bird of Prey and Raptor Centre, an organization dedicated to conserving raptors, to bring this new spectacle to the Peninsula. Raptors fly daily at Church & State, located at 1445 Benvenuto Avenue in Brentwood Bay.

Another Beacon Avenue switch is underway. As of April 15, Smashin’ Fashin’ owner Brenda Dean is moving her Third Street shop, known for eco and natural fibre clothing, into space vacated by Sweet Talk and Lace. Marie Rosko is moving her lingerie business next door to the larger space that formerly housed Paperback Writer and Time Enough for Books. Brenda will introduce hand-made Salt Spring Island chocolates, at the new location, 2420 Beacon Avenue, Sidney.

Sidney-based Novaera Fuels is developing alternative fuels that may provide a partial solution to global warming. Major components of the new fuels find their source in renewable resources. Rigorous third party testing, by Bureau Veritas, an international standards testing company, has shown that Novaera fuels produce lower emissions than conventional gasoline while providing the same horsepower, torque and mileage, and a comparable or reduced price. Peter West, president of Novaera Fuels, is excited about prospects for the new fuel technology which has garnered interest from as far away as Australia and Dubai.

North Saanich resident Deryck Thomson, was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the University of Victoria School Social Work for his lifetime of compassion, dedication, commitment to social justice and quality practice. A man of many accomplishments, Thomson is the retired executive director at George R. Pearkes Centre, a founding member of the Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) of BC, and a former director on the board of Beacon Community Services.

Eileen Leddy is executive director of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. Send your information to her at eleddy@peninsulachamber.ca, subject line Buzz.