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Saanich photographer captures photos of beautiful birds in a winter landscape

Taking photos and getting close to nature is a way to ease anxiety, he says
Great blue herons are often seen in Greater Victoria near wetlands. (Photo by Robert Fraser)

Saanich-based photographer Robert Fraser is a lover of nature and wildlife – a passion that comes through in the artful photos he snaps of various birds in the region.

Fraser, who took up photography as a hobby five years ago, said recent snowfall in Greater Victoria inspired him to take wintry walks with his camera.

“I do this as a form of therapy – it helps me to get out of my head and tap into a more calm state of mind,” said Fraser. “I always bring my camera with me without the expectation that I’ll see anything – but I always do.”

When Fraser spotted a great blue heron on a snowy December day at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary in Saanich, he knew he had to digitally capture it.

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“We live in such a beautiful place and I think everyone should take the time to escape their stressful lives for awhile and appreciate the beauty around us,” he said.

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary includes two ecosystems – a wetland around Swan Lake and a Garry oak forest found at the top of Christmas Hill.

Both habitats are home to many native plants and wildlife, such as the great blue heron.

Fraser said that he’d recommend to anyone that they support the sanctuary through donations since its volunteers do a lot to protect this space and the wildlife within.

More of Fraser’s work can be found on Facebook by searching his name.

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