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Greater Victoria students create art to promote energy conservation

SD61 students design stickers to encourage others to turn out lights when no one is in classroom
Greater Victoria School District student’s light switch art. (Courtesy of SD61)

Students in the Greater Victoria School District (SD61) are having fun while helping conserve energy.

SD61’s new lights out initiative has students designing stickers for light switch covers that encourage staff and students to turn off lights when no one is in a classroom.

The stickers cost less than five cents to make, and the school district believes they will save as much as 10 per cent in lighting energy costs.

“The Greater Victoria School District is committed to creating a more sustainable learning community and to providing opportunities for our students to engage in practical initiatives that support this goal,” said superintendent Deb Whitten. “Involving students in energy-saving projects not only increases engagement in their learning but helps them to develop life-long energy-saving habits.”

The program was piloted at Tillicum Elementary this fall and students at Hillcrest Elementary and Torquay Elementary are currently taking part in the initiative.

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